The World's Best Ground Sensors

Unmatched range, battery life, and accuracy.
Engineered to last.

Ground Sensors Reinvented

Engineered from scratch over years of advanced R&D by the world’s leading hardware and AI engineers. Echo54 ground sensors utilize progressive AI research, object-detection, cutting-edge low-power technology, and the world’s largest proprietary gait dataset. The result is exceptional accuracy, range, battery life, and seamless integration with any current system.

Ground Sensor Applications




Private Communities

& Campuses

Critical Infrastructure

Full 360° Visibility
& Detection

Detect and identify objects where cameras, radar, and lidar can’t.
Ground sensors are a vital component to complete 360º detection of surface and subsurface threats.

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Ease of Integration

Integrations and compatibility lie at the heart of advanced sensor systems. With a proven track record of seamless hardware and software integrations (local and remote) and client-dedicated software and hardware teams, we embrace industry standards, comprehensive manuals, and technical support for easy integrations and installations.

Faster Detections at the Edge

Using local AI edge computing technology, Echo54 sends instant, intelligent alerts to any autonomous security solution, on-site guard, or remote monitoring team.

Security Systems

On-site Personnel

Remote Monitoring Teams

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