Meet Early(er) Perimeter Awareness

Instant, Reliable People Detection for Remote, Secure Outdoor Environments.

Ground Sensor Technology Reinvented

Engineered from scratch; plug-and-play outdoor people sensors; unmatched accuracy, install in seconds, 5+ year battery life, seamlessly integrates with any current system or software.

Ground Sensor Applications

Autonomous Security



Critical Infrastructure

Universities & Campuses

Private Communities

Full 360° Visibility
& Detection

Detect and identify objects where cameras, radar, and lidar can’t.
Ground sensors are a vital component to complete 360º detection of surface and subsurface threats.

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Ease of Integration

No sensor can stand alone. Sensors, sensor fusion, targeting systems, and command and control (C2) platforms all benefit from robust integration. Integrating into advanced platforms and intelligent systems requires a commitment to industry standards and high-speed data rates.

Echo54 ground sensors utilize industry-standard TCP/IP over Gigabit Ethernet with multiple rich-data output options. To ensure maximum value from every ground sensor, Echo54 support includes comprehensive product manuals offering detailed guidance for physical and logical integration, a powerful suite of software tools to assist integration activities, and onsite and remote technical support.

Ready to make your secure perimeter even more secure?
Local AI edge computing technology sends instant, intelligent alerts to any autonomous security solution, on-site guards, or remote monitoring teams.
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